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MyndMethod uses YOUR INPUT and YOUR NAME to create customized, life changing Lifetracks™.   “Meditation On-The-Move” can be enjoyed while you continue your regular day-to-day actions.  There’s no need to cram, carve out time in your schedule or clear the house to experience the benefits.  Whether you’re getting ready for the day, working, exercising, or relaxing, MyndMethod is with you.   Just grab your headphones and go!

The MyndMethod Lifetracks™ are a synergistic blend of voice and music designed to help you eliminate negative self-talk, explore beyond your current situation and move you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Improve health & wellness
  • Achieve business and financial success
  • Overcome negative habits
  • Reach ideal fitness levels
  • Create time freedom
  • Master relaxation
  • Faster decision-making
  • More confidence
  • Improved focus
  • Increased creativity
  • More happiness

Have you often had a great insight, set lofty goals followed by a momentous start but found yourself slipping back into old ways and familiar comfort zones?

Your mind may slip into habitual patterns of thinking without you realizing it and the trend of those patterns will determine your overall frame of mind. Your thoughts influence the actions you take, and they guide the way you communicate with others.

When you’re feeling miserable, your mind is almost certainly focused on what you are unhappy about. Although you are still capable of creating in this state, you’re likely not aligning your thoughts with your purpose and you may be either procrastinating on the steps that will move you forward, or you may be creating interference in your relationships, both personally and professionally.

Remember the times when you felt fully alive and vibrant? Ask yourself: what images were in your mind? What meanings did you assign to those images? What were you saying to yourself? Whether you’re thinking about the past, present or future, what you’re focused on influences you in many ways. There are people who are successful, but unhappy; and there are those who generally feel good yet personal achievements seem elusive to them.

When we align our thoughts and emotions with our life purpose, we are able to experience life in a new way. Mastering your thoughts allows you to choose what to focus your intentions on, and keeps you moving in the direction of your desired outcomes.

Most people want to experience joy, happiness, success and love, but for some elusive reason, some or all of those outcomes slip away. The MyndMethod guides your thinking to continue in the direction of your dreams and desires. The more often you listen, the more you can create new thought patterns and pathways in your mind.

The most valuable things in life were given to you for free: your body, your mind, your emotions, your dreams, your relationships, and the essence of who you are. Take care of these precious gifts. Allow your mind to focus on what you truly want to create in your life. The possibilities are endless…



Relax. There’s a Lifetrack™ for that!

In fact, there are Lifetracks™ to help with all elements of your life.  Live healthier. Work smarter. Play harder. Learn faster. Heal quicker. Relax fully. Overcome. LET THE MYNDMETHOD BE YOUR GUIDE.

What you need to hear…when you need to hear it.

Your subconscious beliefs and values powerfully influence your decisions.  How can you get in there and tinker with your thoughts so that you can create the results you desire and produce sustainable success?  The MyndMethod guides you in the mindset of having already achieved your outcome – you can listen over and over until you manifest it in your life.

More than nineteen years of research has revealed 7 insights as to how it works.

Insight #1

Constant repetition is important to making changes easy. One single new thought is just not enough for most people to make lasting changes in their ability to realize their goals. Research has shown that listening to a voice recording of your intentions, combined with specific music soundtracks, can improve the time it takes to change habits.

Insight #2

The second insight is the discovery that greater results are achieved when the voice you are listening to is (surprisingly) not your own.

Insight #3

Extensive research in performance enhancement shows that creating an atmosphere of relaxed contemplation is key. Adding the right music powerfully awakens dopamine and serotonin pathways in the limbic system, while simultaneously activating the frontal and occipital lobes with imagery. The concept of neuroplasticity suggests this is exactly how performance can be enhanced without even practicing your specific event.

Insight #4

Generic messages and other people’s goals are not as effective for you as your own. Customization is paramount.

Insight #5

Interestingly, music can be a double-edged sword. We should be careful about the music we choose while attempting to establish new thought structures. Music plays a powerful role on the chords of our neurology. Music that has previous memories and connections attached to it may actually hinder your ability to generate new visions and strategies for the future.

Insight #6

Adding interactive activities to your experience makes tracking fun, and assists your brain to map new pathways of thought, which in turn makes life changes far more effortless, putting your life on the move with momentum and new-found confidence with a mind that moves and adapts with you.

Insight #7

Soundtracks customized with your life choice selections that address you with your own personal first name become a Lifetrack™ that makes change easier in every track of your life.

Learn more about the ORIGINS of MyndMethod.

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