Not just meditation….so much more than affirmation.  MyndMethod uses YOUR INPUT and YOUR NAME to create customized, life changing listening experiences.  Lifetracks™ are designed to help you conceive, achieve and sustain the necessary mindset to reach virtually any goals in your life.  MyndMethod is your Mobile Mindset Mentor… always with you on your mobile devices.

Your subconscious beliefs and values powerfully influence your decisions. How can you get in there and tinker with your thoughts so that you an create the results you desire and produce sustainable success? The Mind Method guides you in the mindset of having already achieved your outcome–you can listen over and over until you manifest it in your life.

More than fifteen years of research has revealed five insights as to how it works.

  1. Constant repetition is important to making changes easy. One single new thought is just not enough for most people to make lasting changes in their ability to realize their goals. Research has shown that listening to a voice recording of your intentions, combined with specific music soundtracks, can improve the time it takes to change habits.
  2. The second insight is the discovery that greater results are achieved when the voice you are listening to is (surprisingly) not your own.
  3. Extensive research in performance enhancement shows that creating an atmosphere of relaxed contemplation is key. Adding the right music powerfully awakens dopamine and serotonin pathways in the limbic system, while simultaneously activating the frontal and occipital lobes with imagery. The concept of neuroplasticity suggests this is exactly how performance can be enhanced without even practicing your specific event.
  4. Generic messages and other peoples goals are not as effective for you as your own. Customization is paramount.
  5. Interestingly, music can be a double-edged sword. We should be careful about the music we choose while attempting to establish new thought structures. Music plays a powerful role on the chords of our neurology. Music that has previous memories and connections attached to it may actually hinder your ability to generate new visions and strategies for the future.

Advances in leading edge technology has made it possible for you to transform your thoughts to attain your highest aspirations and deepest desires.  The MyndMethod app helps you do it all!

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