What is your ‘Crisis Character’?  Everyone has one. It’s a way of being that defines you when things go crazy & out of control.  History is full of stories about how people handled themselves during a crisis.  Sometimes the situation is immediate and is over quickly, so you don’t have a lot of time to choose your personality.  Other times, the crisis goes on…and on.  How do you respond?

·Rise up & take the lead
·Hunker down & defend yourself
·Support others with inspiration
·Try to control others
·Let go of control
·Protect the needs of those you care about
·Become introspective & seek ways to grow stronger
·Make the best of the situation
·Spin with negativity inside while pretending everything is fine
·Criticize others
·Find deeper meaning in life
·Foster connections that help you & others
·Look for solutions
·Wait for resolutions
·Expand & grow in new ways
·Initiate productive action

Maybe you do many of these things, and see yourself in a variety of different roles.  The big question is, what are your prevailing traits & how do others see you? This is not to say you should make it all about appearances; it’s simply an acknowledgement that how you see yourself & how others see you may not be a match. You can learn from that and do with it what you choose.  See, there’s ‘how you are’ & ‘how you want to be’ – if they are not one and the same, it’s up to you what you want to do about it. If they are the same, then it’s easier to align with where you’re going next.

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