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No problem. You can request that we add if for you through the app.  Please select Add Name, accurately type your name in the text field and then record it by pressing the red record button and speaking your name clearly.  You can preview it after you’ve recorded it to make sure it was captured cleanly.   Then simply submit the request and we will handle the rest.  You will receive a notification when the name has been added.

The Mind Method is specifically designed to be experienced with stereo headphones.  You can enjoy your Lifetracks™ in the same manner you listen to your regular music but they are best experienced when you have a few moments free from distraction.  You can even create custom playlists of your favourite Lifetracks™.

How often you listen is totally up to you, and is based on your own personal preference. Most people will listen often at first, sometimes several times in a row, or one time, several times throughout the day. It is important to listen at least once or twice daily, especially at first. Athletes will often listen 4-5 times before competing.

  • Resistance is gone or lessened
  • You are naturally following through on the high growth activities
  • You are getting what you want
  • You feel peace of mind
  • Your thoughts and emotions are aligning with your vision/purpose

The audio is designed to bring you to the mindset of having achieved already so that you can get in touch with your goal/desired outcome…feel what it feels like…and see it from the perspective of having already accomplished it. Once your headphones are out and you’re back in the “real world” of course you’re going to be in reality as it actually is…this contrast between what you want and where you are in relation to where you want to be is what gives you the drive and energy to get “back” to the state you were in when you were listening…it is your own inspiration that influences your actions to bring you to your goal…

This is very common, and often happens when the “voice” or message doesn’t match the way you think and/or the tone you usually use when you talk to yourself. Your self-talk represents your current comfort zone and has been developed over time, so listening to a new way of thinking can be confusing at first. Just continue to listen to your audio, and let your mind wander. Most people describe “walls coming down” or a feeling of “opening up” after listening over and over. Remember you are where you are in life often because of your beliefs and comfort zones. As you expand your thinking, your options increase and you become aware of your beliefs…this gives you the opportunity to choose the ones that are the most resourceful and will support you on your journey to your desired outcome.

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