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10 Tips & Tricks for Small Business Owners to De-Stress

Too much to do. Not enough time. Living the dream wasn’t supposed to be so hard and being an entrepreneur was supposed to generate way more time freedom, not to mention, income. What happened? Better question: What now?

Time to take matters into your own hands. Own it. All of it, the good, the bad, whatever – there are some actions you can take right now that can dramatically reduce your stress-load, even before your credit card is paid up.

Keep it simple. Check out these 10 actionable steps. If you do a few, it can really change your direction, more than 5 has the potential to shift you into a new mindset, and if you do all 10, well it might just knock your socks off…in a good way!

1. 10 at night – Get your gear ready for the next day, and go to bed 10 minutes early. This simple practice opens an amazing doorway to more time opening up

2. 10 up – Hop out of bed at the first alarm, no snooze & move! The neurochemical rush for this “win” is huge

3. 10 Toe taps, squats, push ups, anything at all – Just get your blood flowing to wake up fast with a burst of energy, 10 seconds is all it takes!

4. Take time for 10 – to just daydream – If you want tomorrow to be more than today, imagine it in detail. This not only lifts your spirits but you may just find yourself moving effortlessly in the direction of your guided thoughts

5. Travel with 10 foods – What you eat matters a lot, so don’t leave it to drive-thru choices after your willpower is all used up. You know what fuels you best. Buy it. Prepare it. Bring it with you

6. Touch base for 10 – Invest 10 minutes in a new conversation with one of your employees & ask them for some advice on what changes they’d like to see. You might be surprised by what you hear

7. Turn off for 10 – No texting for 10 minutes, just turn the thing off altogether and get a break from the distractions. Do this as many times per day as you need to get focused

8. Tidy for 10 – Pick one area, maybe a drawer or stack of “something” and clean it up. In just 10 minutes, you can lift the load of “old stuff” not getting done

9. Tackle 10 new projects or ideas – These can be just very small items, but get them started and stir up some momentum

10. Team for 10 – Get your team on board! Talk to your team about your vision for just 10 minutes and share the direction of your company, or share these 10 tips. Nothing will move you & lift you like a motivated team!