If you’re ever feeling down and you’re blaming something else for your mood, consider that it may not be the thing itself, but rather the meaning you gave to the “thing” that is the cause of your mood.  And keep in mind, the goal doesn’t have to be living in a state of pure bliss 24/7.  If you’re feeling down more often that you’d like, consider that journaling your thoughts can give you a greater perspective, and allow you to assign new meanings that will, in turn, give you the power to alter your state.

The real benefit of journaling, though, could be something even greater. Imagine for a moment that you could influence yourself ahead of downward spirals so that feelings of disappointment or frustration just couldn’t stick around as long. Sure, you may still feel them but what if you could lessen your downtime and reduce the impact of setbacks? Let’s say, for example, you could develop the ability to shake off something undesirable in a just a few minutes instead of carrying that heavy feeling for hours or days, or perhaps much longer? How much would it mean to your life, and the lives of the people you share “planet time” with, if you could develop this skill? What are just some of the things you would have time to experience even more? What would your life look like if you had more fun, more adventure, more laughter, more love, more energy, more joy?

Check out My Journals in the App! It’s just one of the many tools in Mynd Method that is designed to help you help yourself to more servings of what you truly desire in the smorgasbord of life!

Wouldn’t you like to choose which experiences you ‘fill up on’ over & over again in the emotional smorgasbord of life, instead of circumstances just serving up whatever happens to be closest?

Write it down, accept it, and let it go.  Another experience is waiting for you.

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