The great thing about our ‘thinking caps’ is that they go on autopilot. This allows us to do many things at one time without conscious effort. The problem with our ‘thinking caps’ is that they go on autopilot. Yep – the plus is also the obstacle. Why? Well, when destructive thought patterns go on autopilot, they can get a little out of control & we can easily lose perspective; that’s when things can start feeling a little crazy & out of control.

When you’re overwhelmed, it can be hard to reign in the negativity because the autopilot has wired your mind & body for fear mode. If you could get your ‘thinking cap’ to go on autopilot with a solution-oriented mindset, wouldn’t it be easier to deal with things?

The MyndMethod is programmed by you, with your answers from multiple choice questions, to overcome your own unique challenges. You now have the solution-oriented thought patterns that you need, when you need them. Try listening to your own customized Lifetracks & experience a new way of ‘autopiloting’.

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