Can we agree that mindset makes a difference? If not, pause right now, check out some google sites and come on back here when you’re ready. If you already know that the most powerful resource you’ve got is sitting right on top of your shoulders, stay tuned ‘cause this will blow your mind, and your socks off at the same time…in a good way 😉

Hold on, sit up straight, pay attention. This is really cool stuff.

Can we also agree that, given the choice, you would rather program the mindset of “getting what you choose” rather than “getting what you don’t want”?

So, if we’re in agreement that you want to get what you desire, rather than what you don’t want, and that mindset is the key to making this happen, then wouldn’t you want to know how to develop the mindset that automatically brings what you do want into your life? Yep, we said it: automatically, as in – auto pilot way of thinking.

If you’re one of those people who has tried really hard to meditate or practice quiet time because you knew that it was the key to accessing this powerhouse called your brain…and if, while you were trying so desperately to focus your mind on something positive and happy, you discovered that your brain was instead using you to replay old reruns and swing you around like a cat by the tail with worry and anxiety about the future, rather than you using it to your own advantage, then wait ‘til you hear the solution we’ll share with you in a few moments…even if you have been totally unsuccessful with goal-setting and planning because all you could access was frustrations and negative visions…ya know, the ones you can’t unsee?…then hang in there! Your options are about to change.

Have you ever tried reading affirmations to help yourself focus your mind in the right direction? The old way of repeating affirmations over and over can’t do a fraction of what this new cutting-edge technology can do…more on that shortly…but you might be familiar with these types of intention statements…writing down what you want, and reading affirmations out loud, your own voice telling you how smart you are, or how beautiful you are, it does work but really, just doesn’t have the same impact as someone else telling you, “You’re smart,” or “You’re beautiful,” and when you attach your name to that statement…WOW! It can keep you smiling all day long…that same message coming from another person can power up your day like nothing else!

So, I really want to get to the part of this new technology that’s been developed, but there are just a couple more details you need to know so you understand the tremendous power of this thing.

Imagine this for a moment…what if this voice, using your name, is saying things to you that make sense in your world…what if the voice is affirming all the things you need to hear to make that quantum leap forward — fast track to cash, achieve your dream, accelerate your profits, whatever…and what if there was research and pilot study results that back up the power of this process to create record-breaking, rapid results in your own life?

It gets even better! Music has been well researched and is proven to have a powerful effect on your emotions. Most people have heard of the Mozart effect (magic flute music here) to improve performance on certain kinds of mental tasks, and of course you’ve experienced the exhilaration of your favourite song blasting out of the speakers on your car radio (Rocky theme music here). You might even notice your foot starts to press on the gas! Some people even blast out with the lyrics while speeding down the highway! Ever done that? Music has this ‘thing” about it that just moves us…

So, now imagine this voice, telling you how great you are, showing you the proven path to success, and imagine this voice is backed up by just the right music to tap into your inner energy drives, with just the right message you need to hear at just the right time in your life.

If the least successful sales person in the pilot study can go from lowest to highest sales in 4 weeks, without any other training, what could this do for you? How much would it impact your life? What if you add the power of 10 to your income? What if you only just doubled it? What would that do for you?

What if this could be delivered to you so you had immediate access, and you could turn your life around right now with a custom-tailored product with your name on it? If you could have that on demand, what would it be worth to you? Would you be willing to try it?

What do really intelligent people do? They use mindset to their advantage. That’s what they do. The smart people get their minds to focus on the direction they are creating, and then the rest is automatic.

What about you?