Try the Student Pre-Test Focus Lifetrack & blow your mind open!

You already know this: when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, worried or tense, studying is no fun. And really, how much do you remember when you’re feeling like this, anyway? It’s as though something else has your attention, and you can find yourself reading and re-reading the same section over and over again, getting nowhere, learning nothing.

Sure. You could meditate. But how easy is it to sit quietly while you’re worried about something, feeling ‘behind the eight-ball’ already, and just focus on the positive, thinking super happy thoughts?… nah, not gonna work…if you knew how to do that, you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

What if you could “program” your very own listening experience, and be guided effortlessly into a relaxing learning space with just the right music and words that will help you get in the zone? What if you could simply put your headphones on & listen each time you just needed that extra help in getting there right before you study? Wouldn’t this make your learning experience so much better? And you’d feel smarter, too! At least, that’s what other students have shared with us. 🙂 Give it a try today. For a limited time, you can personalize & customize any two Lifetracks for free!  Plus you’ll receive 4 days of MyndPrime as an added free bonus.

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