Since he was a young man, Devon Bergen has suffered from severe depression. An illness that has followed him through several suicide attempts, various drug addictions and rehab facilities. Now at the age of 24, he has finally found a place of stability and happiness and is ready to truly begin living his life. This is his story.

Comfort Zones & You

If you think you don’t have a comfort zone, try out this little scenario:

Imagine you want to buy a new home. Just for this exercise, pretend you’re envisioning a price tag of $400,000. What does that look like to you?

Now: take away a zero – so you’re picturing a $40,000 home. How does the picture change in your mind, and how does your comfort zone change for thoughts of living there?

Now: add a zero – what happens when you think about purchasing a home for $4 million?

We have comfort zones in many areas of life. When we are operating on “auto pilot” we come to expect certain things, whether it’s with finances, fitness, performance, wellness, or relationships. Becoming aware of these comfort zones will give us the option to keep the ones we have, or develop new ones. 

When people like Devon have success creating new comfort zones (and then living in the new ones!), they have successfully envisioned a “new tomorrow” and have allowed the process to unfold so that they are able to experience what they truly desire by developing the habits that sustain their new expectations.

“Breaking through comfort zones is the only way to grow and develop. Obviously it’s going to be hard but if we never get out of our beds in the morning, then nothing would ever happen.”

Devon Bergen       

Find out how you can imagine your way into new comfort zones by Lifetracking your way there. 🙂

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