ORIGINATORS of Lifetracks™

We specialize in focusing on the one resource that will build your success faster and more effectively than any other – your mind.  The MyndMethod is a unique tool designed to focus your intentions and keep you moving in the direction of your desired outcomes.  But it is more than that.

The MyndMethod is a way of living…and we call it Lifetracking™.

We’ve all sought comfort in the sadness of the love song after a break up or listened to our favourite playlist for confidence and inspiration in the face of a challenge.  We do this because music has the amazing capability of enhancing human emotions and directing our thoughts to where we want them to go; whether we are aware of it or not.

Try for a moment to imagine your favourite movies without their accompanying soundtracks.   Oscar winning performances from some of history’s most beloved dramatic actors can fade to mere words in the absence of musical arrangement.  It is the soundtrack that digs to the root of our psyche and tells us what we should be feeling at this particular moment.   Whether it be joy or sorrow, the music gives a more profound meaning to the words and guides us in the emotional direction that the story dictates.   In western civilization it is a culturally learned association that major musical chord intervals sound happy and minor chord intervals sound sad.  Instrumental music relies greatly on these principles as there is no lyric to dictate how this listener should feel.  When we hear these intervals used in song, our minds instantly tap into our lifelong back catalogue of music and our emotions fall into place.

Music is soothing to the soul, comforting to the weary, and company to the wanderer.  But its most valuable attribute is that music is a great motivator.  In the presence of the right music, lofty goals can become attainable reality.  The music accompanying the voice in the MyndMethod Lifetracks™ is written specifically to build on these ideas to help guide you down the path of improvement; kind of like “The soundtrack to your new life”…or…Lifetrack™.

heart mind connection

Let the MyndMethod be your guide.

Benefits of Lifetracking™

-Improve health & wellness

-Achieve business and financial success

-Overcome negative habits

-Reach ideal fitness levels

-Create time freedom

-Master relaxation

-Faster decision-making

-More confidence

-Improved focus

-Increased creativity

-More happiness

-Mindful awareness