Of course, most people will answer “Yes!” to the question: “Do you want to be smarter?” What does it mean to you to be smarter, and what can you do to improve your memory, your ability to recall facts & information, and to think more clearly? There’s a lot to be learned from teachers & students, and some great mentors in the field of education. Consider these two quotes from Benedict Carey, author of How We Learn:

“Many teachers have said that you don’t really know a topic until you have to teach it, until you have to make it clear to someone else.” 

“…desirable difficulty…forces the brain to work harder to dig up a memory or a skill and that added work intensifies subsequent retrieval and storage strength (learning).”

Interestingly, the MyndMethod App is way more than just a listening experience. There are activities in the 7-day MyndPrime component that do that very thing: “force the brain to work harder” by asking you to recall your own patterns of thought.

“Creating patterns in your brain is what learning is all about. If you don’t make a point of repeating what you want to remember, your “metabolic vampires” can suck away the neural pattern related to that memory before it can strengthen and solidify…things are impressed better by active than by passive repetition.”

Barbara Oakley

“Learning is deeper and more durable when it’s effortful. Learning that is easy is like writing in sand, here today, and gone tomorrow”

Peter Brown

Check out MyJournal! The Mynd MethodApp is designed to help you journal your thoughts at key points of listening in order to impress upon your mind the key drivers that will keep you on track until your patterns become effortless habits & ways of being.