Feeling stuck can be hard place to be. It can feel like you’re spinning your wheels, going through the motions, trying hard to get traction but never really getting anywhere. It’s as if there is this vague, distant future that should be better, but the problem is, how to get there? And once you “get there” so much time will have passed, that you will miss out on what is a sure thing now. And, you will be older, maybe not healthier, people may have left your life by then. Heck, you may have left. There are no guarantees in life, but what can you do when you feel there is more but you don’t have the means to get there, or you feel you have to give up ‘this’ to have ‘that’, and if you give up ‘this’, what then? Is ‘that’ guaranteed to be better? No guarantees, right?

Life is full of risks, but how do you know which ones to take? You want to know that if you make the leap, things will work out, but it’s maybe easier to just keep tight, stay where you are, keep spinning your wheels, and never really go anywhere, because at least it’s familiar, right? No risk. No heartache. Yep. Just stay here and feel safe. Frustrated, yes, unfulfilled, sure, but at least there’s a level of safety in what you know. And change is uncomfortable, anyway. Not to mention, you might have to give up some bad habits, too…ones that are comfortable even if they’re hurting you. So, why bother, life’s not that bad, just carry on doing the same old, same old. Everybody else does. It was all just a dream, anyway. Just a big old, stupid dream that things could be better.

But wait. What if the only error here is in the thought pattern itself? What if there is a key to this whole thing that totally makes sense, and you wouldn’t have to ‘give up’ anything because what you’re moving towards is truly something desirable for you? It would be more of a moving on, a natural letting go of the things that were always holding you back because you could never be really true to yourself in that old way of doing things, anyway. The moving towards would bring all the momentum you need, and the letting go would be a feeling of freedom, not loss. What if this really were possible? How would you go about achieving this state of mind?

If you were in this state, it would feel as though you’re progressing towards the things you desire most, and you would be aware of all the people and resources who are surrounding you now. You would feel a sense of purpose, an urge to fulfill your calling, share this with others, and really truly enjoy the journey that is progressing you forward. You can’t go back, after all. Life is what it is. What if the most energizing times are not after achieving the goal, but rather, on the way to your targets & desires? This would simplify your plan tremendously. Take the pressure off. The act of moving towards is where you feel the exhilaration of life. You don’t have to achieve it, to get in the feeling of this powerful force – just be on the way to it.

When are the times you are so absorbed in what you are doing that you forget to eat? Who are the people you really trust, and who bring life to your purpose? If you haven’t discovered these yet, you’re missing out on something really big, and it’s probably time to get in touch with the ‘what’ & the ‘who’ that bring passion to your life. Take a look around. Who have you surrounded yourself with, and what are you doing with your most precious resource, time?

Take a breath. Relax your shoulders. Relax your tongue (this does wonders in shutting down the blocks in your way). Look up. Imagine what could be. Then look straight ahead. Breathe again, and bring it closer. Go there. Start moving, and watch your own transformation as you build momentum.

It’s time for a fresh start. Get traction. Move.  Let The MyndMethod be your guide.

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