Food is fuel. It’s like a little instruction manual telling your body how to function. Bad fuel can lead to low energy & other things you just don’t want in your life. So, how can you get yourself to fuel up with life-giving nutrition? 

The answer is in these 8 tips:

1. Plan ahead – it’s too easy to fall prey to marketing & unhealthy quick options unless you have a specific plan in place.

2. Shop after you’ve eaten – don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry! Sugar seems to more easily call your name and jump right into your cart if you   have an empty stomach.

3. Make your food at home – you know what goes into every bite when you prepare it yourself. Plus, temptations are easily overcome when you have your best fuel handy.

4. Drink clean options – hydrate with simple fluids that don’t add a lot of sugar; it’s just too easy to keep drinking all the sugary stuff, and never really feel satisfied.

5. Take it with you – have a little cooler you can bring with you to work, or when you’re on the run, & get your options prepared the night before.

6. Sleep well – you may find you have more willpower to stay on track with food when you’re not running around exhausted. Shut off electronics a bit earlier, and snuggle in for some good rest.

7. Exercise when you get your body moving, it can encourage you to follow up with good nutrition. Bottom line, you just feel better.

8. Visualize how you want to feel – this little habit aligns your thoughts & emotions, making all your habits feel more natural, and less like a struggle.


Listening to your Lifetrack, Building Best Habits, can help you to put these practices on autopilot.  And once there, keeping yourself on track feels effortless. If you use the MyndMethod app already, add this Lifetrack to one or more of your playlists, and If you haven’t yet downloaded the App, you can get it for FREE at the links below.