Imagine what it would feel like if you had more time – yes, more time – actually. How would you experience your life differently if you had, say…well, let’s start with an extra 2 hours every single day?

What would those 2 hours mean to your free time, your earning potential, your family life, your health & fitness, or your very own fun time? What would you create “more of” if you had that extra time on your hands? Would you enjoy life just a little bit more? Would your feeling of being productive or successful, your ability to make an impact seem more real, more do-able to you?

You might be thinking, yeah all that would be great, but it’s not possible, right? You’re probably already running your life at maximum speed, cramming in as much as you can with the little time you have, then this crazy person comes along and says, hey there, how about an extra 2 hours per day?! Nuts. Totally nuts. Not possible. It’s a 24-hour clock, plain & simple.

Well, okay that’s understandable thinking. After all, there are only so many hours in a day, right? You know you can’t fiddle with time, unless you’ve been reading too many sci fi’s or watching ridiculous movies that say it’s possible. So, how are we going to handle this next part? If it were possible…and we’ll get to that part shortly…but if it were, what would you actually do with it? Let’s play for a moment and really imagine the impact of 2 more hours in your day. How would you feel? Anything on this list apply?

Maybe you can add your own benefits to that list, but the bottom line is: it would definitely be worth it, don’t you agree?

So, how would you create more time in your life to make this happen? There’s a little trick to it and that’s where a shift in mindset makes all the difference. Here’s a question that is the key to it all:

How do you deal with the distractions and interruptions that steal your time away from doing the things you love to do, and from accomplishing more in less time? How you answer this question will open doors of awareness for you, and it all comes down to a few simple habits & designing your life around your highest priorities and accomplishing those things with minimal distraction. You actually accomplish more when you are not distracted, and the research is clear on this. Go ahead and look it up.

So, if you are willing to make a quick list of time-wasters, distractions & unnecessary interruptions, you will probably discover that the digital world needs to be harnessed in a way that works for you, not in a way that drags you down. Here is a quick list that many people claim are time stealers:

  1. Late night TV – the down side? More unconscious snacking, too much blue light interfering with sleep, staying up later with no benefit to you
  2. Leaving phone alerts on all day & night – this creates the need to respond immediately, and causes interruptions that make it difficult for you to quickly get back in to the flow of what you were doing
  3. Hitting snooze repeatedly every morning – leaving you with a feeling of “losing” instead of “winning” & much of this tiredness is from, yep you guessed it! #1 staying up too late with blue light & heavy snacks
  4. Social media that just isn’t life-giving – sure, it’s great to catch up, see what everyone is doing & thinking, but how much of this time is draining you & stealing your precious time?

Have you unwittingly invited the thief of time into your life? Chances are, you have “time stealers” taking away your peace of mind, and if you’re like most people, this can add up to a lot of “time loss” that goes unnoticed.

When you ditch the stealers, and instead take charge of your own time, you can really become present to the people you care about, and even start noticing more things in your environment that you appreciate. You may actually “feel” like time is slowing down, or even standing still, and this gives you the sense of having more time. It’s an incredibly rewarding way to move through your day, and you really can take time to smell the roses, look up at the stars, or doing the things you love with the people you care about in the most rewarding way. It’s as if you have all the time in the world.